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When you think of concrete floors, the image of dull and grey drab may flash through your mind. But the truth is, you can transform your dreary concrete into almost anything you want.

Concrete stamping does just that.

This process allows you to add a textured pattern to your concrete to have it resemble that of brick, stones and even tile or wood. The coolest part is that because the material is still concrete, you never have to worry about the durability factor of your floors.

The most common application of stamped concrete solutions is for your patio or pool deck floors. These are areas that would benefit greatly from having floors that are just a tad bit upgraded from let’s say, your garage. Though you are welcome to upgrade your garage floors too, of course. But in order to add your own flair and personality to your outdoor living space, stamped concrete is an amazing option.

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What is Concrete Stamping?

As we briefly mentioned above, the process of stamping is adding a texture or pattern to the concrete to resemble a material that is anything but concrete. Think flagstone, stone veneer, brick and more. This is typically done to resurface an aged existing concrete surface or to upgrade the look of perfectly good concrete floors. You can opt for a stamped concrete overlay or go the conventional route of stamped concrete. The only difference is that a stamped overlay is applied over existing concrete surfaces without the need for replacement.

The final product is a beautiful and textured look of materials like stone, brick, slate and more. These stamped floors can be applied indoors or outdoors.

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Stamped Concrete Floors
Etched and engraved concrete floors

Stamped Concrete Patios

There’s just something to patios that adds a grandiose feeling to a home. Possibly because a patio is built around the thought of leisure and play. You want an outdoor space that will accommodate a party or gathering. With this extension of your home, comes the desire to add a look of luxury around it.

To go the extra mile and create an outdoor living space that you love, you’ll want to go with floors that will allow you to achieve just that. There’s a reason why stamped concrete floors are most commonly applied to outdoor patio spaces.

For your patio floor installation needs, go with a concrete contractor that specializes in stamped surfaces and beautiful floor finishes. We will ensure that your investment is worthwhile. Increase your home’s curb appeal and overall value with a luxury stamped floor that is sure to wow.

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Decorative Concrete Walkways and Driveways

If you’ve ever driven by a gorgeous house with a sprawling driveway, and gawked at its breathtaking beauty, chances are you’ve stumbled on a decorative concrete driveway. This surface has probably been stamped, etched or in some way or another, finished to resemble anything but the concrete slab that lays beneath.

Concrete driveways that scream luxury and aesthetic appeal contribute greatly to a property’s value. And of course, the home’s overall curb appeal. If you want your concrete to imitate that of its more elegant counterparts like stones and bricks, then you’ll want to invest in a concrete finishing service.

Decorative concrete will allow you to create your own unique textures and patterns to achieve the incredible beauty you so desire. But without the compromise to its durability, of course. Transform your dull concrete into the talk of the town tomorrow, and see how you can invest in decorative concrete solutions today.

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