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Stained Concrete Floors

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We specialize in decorative concrete resurfacing methods, one of which is concrete staining.

This innovative process allows you to take dull concrete floors and breathe new life into them.

We treat bare concrete floors with a liquid stain to change the color of the surface. And through this, we’re able to create a beautiful and unique richness of color that cannot be achieved through any other method.

Once the staining process is complete, we apply a top coat that is clear to the surface of the concrete. This is what protects the stain and seals it all in place. And is what makes the final product so glossy and vibrant.

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Unlike concrete paints, which creates a one dimensional color tone on the concrete surface, stains diffuse through the concrete, infusing it with a translucent palette that differs widely based on the surface and application method. The final result is a surface that replicates that of polished marble, natural stone, colorful murals, wood and even leather.

Create a stunning work of art for your interior concrete floors or around your property by utilizing this simple technique. Hire the pros that specialize in it. And enjoy the luxurious colors that only stained concrete can impart on your floors.

Acid stained concrete floors Franklin Square NY

Endless Stained Concrete Applications For Your Home

Basement Floor Concrete Staining

stained concrete floorings for kitchens franklin square ny

Stained Concrete Patios & Walkways

stained concrete floor garage

Garage Floor Concrete Staining

acid stained concrete floors Franklin Square NY

Stained Concrete Pool Deck

Acid stained concrete floors Franklin Square NY

Indoor Stained Concrete Floors for Kitchens, Entryways and More!

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Acid Stains vs. Water-based Stains

Before you venture into the wonderful world of stained concrete, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the different types of stains available to you. There are what’s known as water-based and acid-based (or chemically reactive). Both can be used on interior and exterior flooring applications. So then how do you know which one to use for when? Things like desired look, application preference, safety concerns and exposure conditions are all factors that should be considered.

1. Desired Look for your Stained Concrete Floors

The final finish of water vs. acid stain concrete are vastly different. Water based stains do not chemically react with the composition of the concrete. As such, the final result may not be the rich, earthy tones that you can achieve with acid stains. But, because acid stains are chemically reacting with the concrete, you have far less control over the desired final look. The final product can come out darker or light than you would have hoped. And the color selection is not as vast. You can only choose a natural earth tone for the color palette due to the organic nature of the acid stain.

On the contrary, concrete stain colors for water based stains have the versatility of wall paint. You have access to an endless color wheel of options and can even create custom shades by mixing. However, if you want concrete floors with rich tones and natural color variations (think- marble, stone, leather, etc.) then chemical stains are your way to go.

concrete resurfacing with acid wash

2. Application Time & Preference

Though acid staining gives you the rich, earthy tones that cannot be mimicked, with greatness takes time. Acid based stains take longer, are messier and overall require more labor hours to apply.

The floors need to be thoroughly washed and scrubbed after staining to remove any residue left behind by the stain before applying the clear top coat. It may need to be scrubbed a few times for maximum results. Then all the residue then needs to be collected with a wet vacuum and disposed of safely and properly. Finally, the chemical reaction takes place over the course of hours in order to get the full results. And then you’ll need to wait for the floors to fully neutralize before using them.

On the contrary, water based stains are much easier to apply. If you want stained concrete floors that you can use right away, you may want to explore water based options. But again, preference will dictate which option is the right one for you. But if you’re not sure which one to go with based on your needs, call our team of concrete stain specialists. And our concrete contractors will walk you through the pros and cons of each depending on your personal situation.

3. Safety Concerns and Exposure Conditions

For indoor concrete floor applications, water based stains are easier to apply. There is less clean up and no exposure to acid or solvents you need to worry about inside typically poorly ventilated indoor areas. But garage floors, though considered an indoor application, vastly use acid based stains for optimal results. It really does depend on your preference and needs.

We will walk you through your options based on the stain that you choose for your project. We always recommend that for indoor flooring applications, to go with a stain that has a low VOC content. This is due to the fact that indoor spaces have limited ventilation. To avoid any eye, skin or lung irritation, we will always recommend the safest stains to you for indoor use.

stained concrete floorings for kitchens franklin square ny

Are Concrete Staines UV and Moisture Resistant?

Acid stains are UV resistant and will not fade. This is why acid stains make for a great option for garage floors and driveways that are exposed to lots of sunlight. Same goes for patios, pool decks and walkways.

Some water based stains are UV resistant, but far less than its acid counterparts. And will fade over time when exposed to excessive sunlight.

These stains make for good barriers to water and can be considered moisture resistant. Even more reason why they’re ideal for patio surfaces, pool decks, walkways and more. We use top of the line sealers for your stained concrete surfaces. Rest assured that we will leave your completed stained concrete job protected and glossy.