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Cracked concrete repair is a service we frequently offer homeowners and building contractors alike. Cracked concrete is a common occurrence due to its universal application across a wide range of projects. From home foundations to driveways, sidewalks and more, cracks are sure to happen as time goes by.

Repairing these cracks are fairly simple. But not all cracked concrete can be treated in the same way. It’s best to work with a concrete contractor that has experience fixing cracks across a wide range of foundations and mediums. That way, you’re entrusting the services to a contractor that has seen and done it all.

Our team has helped hundreds of customers repair their concrete. And our success stories speak for themselves. So the next time you notice a small crack or a crevice in your concrete surface, give our team a call. We’ll come and take a look at it and advise on the best course of action. And chances are, we’ll provide an estimate at that time and be ready to get straight to work. Immediate attention to certain cracks can save you thousands in repair down the road. Get started today.

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Concrete Driveway Repair Franklin Square Long Island

We repair all types of cracked concrete for your driveway. The treatment technique will depend on the severity of the crack, the root cause of the fracture, and various other conditions. We’ll always approach a repair with the intent of ensuring long term satisfaction. What this means is, instead of merely cosmetically repairing your surface, like some other companies may do. We will diagnose the roof of the problem, provide our expert recommendations based on these findings. And then present to you the best course of action to ensure the crack does not reappear in the future.

We will of course always keep your future investment and safety in mind first and foremost. The last thing we’d want to do is have you pay for a service that only puts off the inevitable. Which in some cases may be the need for a concrete leveling service or something more.

If you notice a small fracture in your concrete that’s always been there. And you just want a peace of mind knowing that it won’t enlarge in the future, we’ll come by and still take a look at it. We understand that a homeowner’s priority is to keep their property maintained for years to come. It’s with this mindset that we serve all our residential clients.

cracked concrete repair franklin square ny

Cracked Concrete Patios and Walkways

The same way we would diagnose a crack in your driveway’s concrete is the same way we’ll approach your cracked concrete patios or walkways. There are many common causes for cracks in the concrete that is used to create sidewalks, patios and walkways. It can usually be attributed to small stress fractures that occurred during the drying process. Or poor foundational construction, a severe storm that ripped a tree’s roots from below the sidewalk, or even uneven moisture distribution. These cracks do not usually impact the structural integrity of the flatwork. But if you notice that the crack is getting larger, or the crack is posing a safety hazard, you’ll most likely want to get a professional to come and take a look.

There are easy repair methods for these types of cracks. Often times our team will perform a combination of concrete leveling, patching and reinforcing the slab so that the crack does not reappear in the future. Our patching is done in a way that conceals the crack and ensures a smooth, seamless finish.

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Basement Concrete Repairs

Due to the moisture rich environment of basements, cracks in basement floors are very common. Typically smaller cracks are not serious. And can be easily repaired with some patching and resurfacing. Resurfacing is recommended for basement floors in particular. And the main reason for that is that our team will provide a resurfacing material that is waterproof and highly durable. This is usually the best application for basement floors that are prone to flooding and moisture retention.

If you have a small crack in your basement floor and were thinking of putting it off. Or worse, ignoring it altogether. Think again. These cracks, when left untreated, can lead to leaks in your foundation and can cause headaches down the line. It’s wise to take care of these problems early on.

We Repair Small Cracks, Deep Cracks, Sunken Concrete and More.
Our Team Does It All!

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We fix & restore cracked concrete.

If you have a cracked concrete surface that you need repaired, leave it to the concrete specialists to handle the job for you. Small cracks can become big ones. The last thing you want is to have a small crack that then becomes a larger schism. And deep cracks can lead to bigger issues. Before you know it, you have weeds growing in the crevices and the concrete becomes unsalvageable.

If your concrete cracks are widespread and the surface of your floor has become uneven around the cracks, you may be looking at a larger underlying issue. Replacing a concrete slab is much more time intensive and expensive than a crack repair. Take the better alternative, and be proactive with your concrete repair needs.

No job is too big or too small.

We fix all concrete applications and surfaces. No concrete job is below us or too big for our crew. We will meticulously fill each crevice and leave your concrete looking like new again. Our personalized service will always be that of a family owned and locally operated company. But we possess the professionalism of a multinational corporation.

Our team will come and evaluate any cracks you may have to determine if it can be easily patched up. If it requires a larger solution because the soil or foundation beneath your concrete’s surface is compromised, you may need to replace the concrete altogether. But this is something that we will work with you on. And rest assured, we will never suggest you to replace concrete that can be easily repaired.

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We will work with you on a custom solution that fits your needs & budget.

Our team even fixes what is commonly referred to as frost heave. This is a typical occurrence in the winter months. It’s when the moisture underneath the concrete surface freezes. As the layer freezes, it pushes the concrete above it, upward. This can cause the concrete slab to break and crack in various places, causing a mess of uneven surfaces. In these instances, there is no choice but to replace the entire slab. But again, this would be our last resort recommendation for you.

Regardless of the concrete repair need, we will work with you on a custom solution that fits your needs and budget. If you’d like to treat your cracked concrete with an upgrade, there is an alternative solution. It utilizing a method called concrete resurfacing. We offer these services and if you’re interested in learning more about this option, read more here.

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