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Uneven concrete surfaces weighing you down? FSC Concrete Solutions specializes in concrete leveling services for concrete sidewalks, patios, driveways, steps, streets, and more.

A costly concrete replacement does not always need to be the answer!

We offer reliable and cost effective concrete lifting and leveling services for all your concrete surface repair needs. It’s the most economical repair method that allows you to keep your existing concrete slab as is rather than replace it. There is little to no downtime and it is the cost saving alternative to concrete replacements. Our team specializes in concrete lifting services for both residential and commercial properties alike.

We perform what is commonly known in the industry as mudjacking. It’s a time tested method to leveling concrete slabs that is as effective as it is safe. 

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What Is Mudjacking?

In simple terms, mudjacking is an effective solution to leveling uneven concrete surfaces. We utilize a proprietary mixture of mud, topsoil, sand and cement to create a special mixture. This is then injected. through holes we drill, into the concrete slab in order to lift it from beneath, into a leveled state.

It is a noninvasive solution to leveling your concrete. And a far more cost effective option than, quite frankly, any other concrete repair service on the market.

We have explored other options as they become more popular, but have continued to offer mudjacking as the premier solution for concrete slab restoration. And the answer as to why, is that- it is simply the best solution we’ve seen.  It allows us to return damaged concrete to its original levels without the cost of replacing new concrete.

It is a safe and effective solution for a wide variety of applications and in most cases can be completed in a matter of hours.

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Our 5-Step Process for Mudjacking

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Why do I Need Professional Concrete Lifting Services?

Now that you’re familiarized with the concrete leveling solutions our concrete contractors offer, let’s dive into why you may need these services to begin with.

For starters, there are many reasons why an uneven concrete surface can pose problems for you and your property.

Concrete that’s been broken, cracked and severely unleveled can violate your town’s safety codes, can devalue your property and also pose safety hazards for those on your property. It can become a tripping hazard for those who frequent your property like friends, family and neighbors. And can also be eye sore for your home.

A reliable concrete lifting company will be able to fix any sinking concrete slabs fairly easily. This is of course, before the issue gets much worse. Our concrete lifting services will allow you to rest assured that your property will be free from any trip liabilities or property devaluations in the future.

Another reason why you may need our concrete raising services is right after a severe storm. Whether the damage is on your property or inside your home, if your concrete floors are sinking, it’s best to contact a concrete repair specialist as soon as possible. Because of a poorly compacted base can lead to settlement and now your foundation is compromised. Don’t risk a crumbling foundation, and call our team of specialists to help.

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Benefits of Mudjacking to Level Your Concrete

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We provide the following concrete leveling and mudjacking services in the town of hempstead and surrounding nassau county communities:

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Does Mudjacking Really Work?

Because concrete leveling is something that is not commonly discussed in cosmetic home improvement projects, there is a level of uncertainty that arises when you’re in need of a concrete repair. And if you’re facing an uneven or sunken concrete slab for the first time, the different terms out there can definitely throw you off.

But rest assured, mudjacking, or slabjacking as it’s also commonly referenced, is a practice that has been around since the early 20th century. 

It still remains a highly effective solution for leveling concrete that has been sunken, damaged or cracked. The method allows for a controlled lift of the slab, in small increments, ultimately giving you the desired leveling that you need. 

Because sunken concrete is typically caused by instability in the underlying structures of the soil, slabjacking works because it fills the voids created by the change in the underlying environment. It restores equilibrium to the weakened soil and stabilizes it to even out the top concrete layer.

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How Long Do Concrete Leveling Repairs Last?

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The answer to this question depends. But if you’re comparing a concrete leveling repair to that of a concrete replacement, the answer is simple. It may be counterintuitive, but slabjacking actually lasts longer. And the reason for this is, it targets the source of the sunken concrete to begin with. And fixes the root of the problem.

Whereas a fresh concrete pour will only cover up the damage. And with time, the underlying soil and compromised foundation will cause the concrete slab to sink yet again. If you want a concrete replacement to last, it’s best to ensure you are refilling and compacting the soil foundation first. And then ensuring that the voids are filled before pouring anything new onto the foundations.

Or, just opt for a concrete leveling service like mudjacking. And save the cost and headache altogether. These repairs will last longer and will have addressed the underlying issues.